I am passionate about working with individuals and organizations in the areas of disaster recovery, emergency preparedness, and psycho-social capacity building. Specialization in working with care providers who may be experiencing compassion fatigue and helping to restore empathic response through education and developing a robust self-care protocol.


Over the past 24 years I have spoken to groups of various sizes, demographics, and in a variety of venues. These groups have included: first responders, civic leaders, social profit and faith communities.

I am available to speak on the following topics: Rethink Life: Changing the Way You Live | Psychological First Aid | Developing Personal Skills for Psychological Recovery | Compassion Fatigue and Stress Management | Overcoming BurnoutCaring Well in Disaster and Trauma | Workplace Psychological Health and Wellness | Suicide Awareness. If you would like more information on any of these workshops please click here!