Discovering Your Identity

Identity: Discovering Who You Are?

Who am I?
One of the most fundamental needs that we have is to be able to answer the question: who am I? Our personal identity is the way that we see ourselves and is related to our self-image as individuals. When expressing our identity we will often use some of the following statements: I can…I have…I like…and I am.

How we view ourselves can be congruent with how others see us or it can actually be very different. When this happens we feel misunderstood by others around us and as a result we try to find ways to earn their appreciation. At times the culture that we are immersed in will also strongly influence our personal identity. According to author Bill Johnson, “our identity sets the tone for all we do and become.” If we want to move forward it requires that we get clarity on who we are as well as an understanding of our core beliefs.

Greater self-awareness is needed for us to begin to build up our self-esteem. A good starting point will be to ask yourself questions of the “soul”. These might include some of the following: who am I?; what makes me unique?; what are my core values?; and what are my greatest character strengths?

“Our identity sets the tone for all we do and become.”Bill Johnson
Influencing Factors
In a 2015 study (Barna Group) looked at a variety of factors which influence identity and, 62% of the respondents mentioned “family” as being a key influencer. This was followed by: nationality, religion, ethnicity, career and geographic location. How would you have answered the question: what factors most influence your identity? Are there other influencers that you would have added to the list? Understanding our core beliefs is yet another step on our journey of answering the question, who am I? You can read more about beliefs here: Read more…