Simple Things in Life

Simplicity: Finding a New Way to Live

Complexity vs. Simplicity
In a world that is increasingly becoming more complex, the cry for a much simpler life is all around us.

We long for moments where we can be free from interruptions and find the space to renew and replenish our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Has life become more complicated? Have we become too busy for our own good? Is it possible for us to go back to a simpler way of life? According to Joshua Becker, author of the book-Becoming Minimalist, “our excessive possessions are not making us happy. Even worse, they are taking us away from the things that do.”

The more “stuff” that we own the more energy it requires and the more complicated our life becomes. We need to find creative ways to store everything and life becomes a constant re-organizing of what we own in order to achieve peace of mind. Perhaps we simply need to get rid of some of our things once and for all.

Beyond Possessions
Simplicity may also be needed in other areas of our life aside from our possessions. “Road rage, workplace shootings, the rising number of children placed in daycare and the increasing demand on schools to provide after-school activities to occupy children whose parents are too busy have all been pointed to as evidence that North Americans are overstressed and overworked.” (Dean Schabner)

Our excessive possessions are not making us happy. Even worse, they are taking us away from the things that doJoshua Becker
The Simple Life
Simplified living is more than doing less, resting more and giving away our excess stuff. It begins by examining our inner life, wrestling with our possible lack of contentment and by creating space for a new way of living.

This requires us to ask some very personal questions, questions like: how will I choose to live? And if I were to choose a simpler way of life, what would that look like? I would like to suggest that achieving simplicity also requires that we learn how to rethink our life in the following areas: our relationships, use of time, core values, and the purpose of each day! Beginning each day by choosing to live a simpler life can be empowering and brings a new freshness to life.

True simplicity is never about deprivation but always a way for you to create more space for really living. For those of you who have already embraced the “simpler life” please share your comments and stories below.

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